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The English Breakfast – London Part 1

English breakfast

It has been two years since I last visited London, the city which I fell in love almost 20 years ago and where I lived for 14 years. It was my best friend’s wedding which brought us back to this beautiful city. For me, London is still the same, full of vibrant energy. The blue of the mid summer sky, the pale beige stonework of the Georgian architecture in the late afternoon sun, the red London buses and the black cabs moving through the city. These are the colors so familiar to me, and they were right there in front of my eyes, it felt so much like home. When I realized how much I really miss this place, I also realized that this city is my real home town.

London bus

We were very lucky that the weather was extremely pleasing during the weekend we were there – a mix of clouds and sun, just the typical English weather!


English weather

So every morning we could sit on the little terrace just outside of the kitchen, in the garden of my old friend’s house to enjoy breakfast. Our first breakfast after we arrived was prepared by my friend Patsy, it was full English breakfast consisted of sausages, bacons, mushroom, fried egg, baked beans and butter toasts. Of course there was English Breakfast tea, served with milk to make it a ‘Full’ breakfast. I have to say the sausages were divine! They were from ‘The black farmer’ who emphasizes on ‘freedom food’, so they use free range 100% British pork to make their sausages. Patsy particularly bought those sausages for me because they were also gluten free. The sausages tasted so good: firm texture with full on flavor! We could really taste that they were made with good quality meat. Just wish that we could find something like this in Berlin…

After frying the sausages in the pan for about 15 minutes on medium low heat, they took on a wonderful brown colour which looked as good as it’s taste, accompanied with crispy bacon and fry egg (sunny side up, turned once – the way I like it), sautéed button mushroom with hint of rosemary and with lots of salt and pepper. To finish it off: Heinz Baked Beans. My daughter loved the fluffy English toast bread, which was toasted for a minute and spread generously with salted butter. The best was to spoon some slightly sweet baked beans onto the salty toast, the saltiness and the sweetness somehow did their magic, wake up all the sleepy taste buds! Perhaps that’s why they were always part of the full breakfast! We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that we can have it again in London, very soon.





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