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Sweet Potato and Chorizo Croquettes (repost)

sweet potato and chorizo croquette recipe

School summer holiday started means I will spend a lot of time with my daughter in the next days. We have already talked about our plan for the holiday: playing, baking, doing art and craft, visiting museums, playground etc. It is wonderful to be able to spend time with her, but it also means that I have less time to organise my own plans, writing and updating the blog is a challenge. Although I have to admit that I haven’t been very good at keeping my writing practice as of late, and somehow to find writing or even recipe ideas seem to be difficult. I didn’t know why until I read this essay ‘when writing slips away‘ by Nicole Gulotta at Eat this Poem (one of my favorite blogs). It was beautifully written and described exactly what I am going through right now, this is it, because I stopped paying attention! So the other day, I sat myself down in front of the computer, instead of setting up a new page for blog post, I went through all the recipes I have written in the past three years, all the photos I have for our past travels. I realised there are actually plenty of materials I can use to write, recipes which I can still post on the blog. I have to start paying attention again, to even the smallest thing that happens around me, if I can do that, the only task left for me is to find time to write! And I will try my best.

This recipe I am sharing here today which was once published on Kleinstyle, but somehow lost among all my other recipes, therefore it didn’t make it to this blog. I really love this recipe and I think it deserves a place here. It called for only 6 ingredients, very easy to make, a great appetizer for party.

Sorry for the short post, my daughter is waiting anxiously for me to go out with her. Once I have found time, I am going to write some posts about our China trip (we made early this year) in the next few weeks, and I am looking forward to sharing our amazing experience with you.


(makes about 16 pieces)

  • 2 medium sweet potatoes (about 500g), peeled and cut into small dices
  • 80g Chorizo, finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh coriander (or more if you like coriander)
  • Polenta (or cornmeal) for dusting
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt, to taste (optional)

Steam the sweet potato until cooked, about 10 minutes (depends on the size of the dices, the smaller they are, the quicker they cooked!). Then transfer them into a large mixing bowl and cool. Mash the sweet potatoes with a potato masher (or a fork) and set aside.

Heat a scant tablespoon of vegetable oil in a non-stick pan, fry the chorizo until they are crispy, drain the oil and transfer them in the bowl of the sweet potato. Add the chopped coriander and mix until well combined. Now you can check the seasoning again, I found that you don’t actually need any more seasoning as the chorizo and coriander give a lot of flavours to the mixture. When the mixture is completely cool, put it in the fridge to firm up for at least 1 hour.

Once you are ready to bake the croquettes: Preheat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius. Sprinkle some polenta on a plate and set aside. Use two tablespoons to form one heaped tablespoon of the mixture into oval shape, then carefully roll the croquette on the polenta plate and coat well. Transfer the coated croquettes onto a baking sheet line with parchment paper. When all croquettes are made, bake them in the oven for about 25 minutes. Served warm or at room temperature.

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