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Watermelon Bacon Salad and A Happy Announcement

Just a quick and short post to share a happy news with you, I got an email last week from The Foodstand (an online global food community based in New York) that I have won their competition #RedEats!!! I was stunned by the news and it took me a while to really believe it! Anyway, I am going to receive some goodies (fresh food) from Marley Spoon next month as a prize and I am already so excited and looking forward to the delivery!

Sharing the winning dish on this post alongside with the announcement will only be natural, and I would love you to make this salad, it is just so simple to make and really really tasty. One of the ingredients for this dish is watermelon, it represents summer with its vibrant colour and refreshing taste. Especially when it has been chilled. I remember when I was a child, eating watermelon was a fun business: in hot summer days, my mother and I (sometimes with my sisters as well) would sit on the balcony of our home, in front of a large watermelon. Mother would cut it in halves, then quarters, then wedges. Every one had a wedge and just ate our ways down. Mother would then slice off the last bit of the red flesh completely, then ran the cold and damp rind on her face. I still recall how she closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool sensation on her wrinkled face. I would copy her and rub the rind on my tiny face until the rind became warm. The scene of our watermelon ‘facial’ appears in my mind every time I slice off the flesh from a watermelon. A piece of my childhood summer memory.

Going back to the salad, I really love the combination of the different tastes and textures that all the ingredients have to offer to the dish: sweet, salty, tangy, creamy, crunchy and juicy, every taste and every texture works just brilliantly together. I suggest 3 big pieces of watermelon for each person, then break two pieces of crispy fried bacons on top, and crumble about a heap tablespoon of feta cheese, chopped fresh mint, couple of halved cherry tomatoes. Just before serving, a quick turn of freshly grounded black pepper, squeeze of a quarter of a lime. Olive oil can be added but I prefer leave it as it is. Serve immediately as breakfast, lunch or anytime you feel like it!


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