about me

I am Lydia. I am a writer, trained interior designer, home cook, wife and mother of a 7 years old girl. I was born and grew up in Macau, a small peninsula by the Pearl River Delta, southeast China, a former colony of Portugal. My passion for cooking started when I was a teenager, having to have to help my mother cooking for a huge family, was no easy task. And I swear I had never seen anyone as good at multi-tasking as my mother was, she could cook up to 10 dishes in one special family dinner! I admired her then and I still do, and I always hope that my cooking will be as good as hers.

Apart from my mother’s home cooking, the colonized Portuguese cuisine – Macanese was also an important influence on my cooking. The combination of Portuguese and Chinese ingredients and cooking methods makes this cuisine unique. My father loved Macanese food and we often dined out in restaurants, grilled chorizo and boiled bacalhau were his favorites, smell of olive oil was part of my childhood memories.

These experiences helped shaping my passion for good food and appreciation of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, which make cooking and eating much more meaningful and enjoyable.

In my early twenties I moved to London to study and the last thing I knew, I fell in love with the city, in which I lived for 14 years. Although I am an interior designer by training, I spent most of my years working and learning about restaurant business. Since London is a metropolis of international cuisine, I was lucky enough to meet many great cooks, taste many great foods during those years. These experiences have really extended my cooking repertoire, the use of ingredients as well as cooking techniques.

After I moved to Berlin with my husband and daughter, I became a stay at home mum, which provided me a great opportunity to get into cooking again. And needless to say, Berlin has an amazing food culture, which expanded my horizon for endless possibility of working with food in a much more creative way.

I started to write family friendly recipes for a German parenting blog – Kleinstyle in 2012, and I started this blog -ginger&chorizo in August 2014. This is the place where I write about the food that fascinates me, the stories of my relationship with food that hopefully, you can somehow relate to. Here you will find recipes that are inspired by Portuguese-influenced cuisine of Macau as well as international cuisines, which I have been exposed to during the past 20 years. Some recipes are my family’s own, some are from my favorite cookbooks or food blogs, which I recite or reinvent.

It has been an amazing year, and I hope you enjoy this journey with me!